Medical software to attract and retain patients

Patientgrid’s communication platform helps improve patient experience while staff hours.

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Bring new business in by getting more online reviews

94% Use review to choose new doctor.

Save time with collaborative tools and automations

15+ Staff hours saved per week.

Improve patient experience engaging the way they want

90% People prefer texts to phone calls.

Seamless collaboration for healthcare teams

With shared inboxes, any team member can resolve the team’s pending tasks. Individual staff member don’t get overwhelmed and patients are always take care of.

Free up staff by making it easy to text your practice

Reduce your call volume and avoid patient frustration by providing a textable number. Patient can easily communicate their questions and concerns whenever it’s convenient for them.

Automate an immediate followup to missed calls

Ensure nothing falls through a crack. When you are tied up and callers can’t reach your front desk, Patient grid will send a text asking how your patience can help.

Discover actionable insights

With advanced reporting gain full insight of your communication work flow so you can address any matters preventing you from delivering the best patient experience possible.

Attract more customers and listen to your patients

With Patient Grid review management message your patients after their appointments with a quick satisfaction survey and catch any isssue right away. Invite them to write a review based on their score.

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